How to distinguish the quality of engine oil filter element


Nowadays, car owners have higher requirements for engine oil and are willing to “feed” their cars good engine oil. However, many car owners are not too concerned about the oil filter (hereinafter referred to as the “oil filters”) that must be replaced every time the oil is changed. In order to save money, some car owners deliberately buy some cheap oil filters online. The price of these bargains is only one-third of that of brand-name oil filters, and there are even deals for less than ten yuan. Is such a cheap oil filter reliable?

Although using these cheap oil filters can save some car maintenance costs, what impact will these bargains have on the vehicle? Most car owners have not yet understood this. In order to clear up your doubts, next, we will analyze the inherent knowledge of machine filters from a professional perspective; we will also conduct an “eviscerated” dissection of machine filters to see the difference between machine filters of different brands and different price points. How big is the difference between them. The basic knowledge of machine filters that we will introduce in this issue sonex auto parts can also be used as practical knowledge when choosing oil filters, so it is worth reading.

● Practical tips: How to judge whether a oil filter is good or bad?

Let’s get straight to the point. Let’s go directly to the introduction of practical tips for choosing a good filter. The first step: judging from the appearance details: a good filter must look good.

The car oil filters produced by well-known brands are not only good in materials and workmanship, but also not sloppy in the appearance details. Only well-known brands are willing to invest in the appearance details to achieve the best quality. Counterfeit goods or refurbished goods are simply not good at all. If you don’t have the ability, you won’t be too lazy to do it well.

For a good machine filter, the material of the rubber ring will be very thick, and it will have a soft feeling when pinched by hand to ensure the sealing around the oil inlet and outlet.

Whether it has a check valve is also an important basis for judging the quality level of a machine filter. We can use the gadgets around us to identify whether the machine filter has a check valve structure. The engine filter check valve is actually a rubber cup. It is a very simple component, but its function is very important – it can block the return flow of engine oil to ensure that when the engine is cold started, oil pressure can be established as early as possible in the lubrication system to ensure supply. oil to shorten the engine dry grinding time as much as possible. Simply put, a check valve is a device that allows the lubrication system to retain as much oil as possible after the vehicle is turned off.

Step 5: Shake the filter vigorously and listen for any noise.

The judgment basis for this trick is the same as the method of touching the inner wall – a good machine filter has better fixation of the filter element, and there will be no noise of components interfering with each other when shaking.

● Take a look at the structure inside the car oil filter?

Having said so much above, there may be some friends whose understanding of machine filtration is still in the abstract stage. Don’t worry, next, we might as well take a look at the internal structure of the machine filter, which may give you a more intuitive understanding of the filtration principle of the machine filter. What do you think? Of course I cut it open!

A small machine filter, after cutting it open, we can see that there are actually a bunch of parts hidden inside. Each part has its own role, which is very informative. As car owners, we don’t need to have a thorough understanding of the specific functions of each part, we just need to know what parts there are.



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